Welcome to the Inside Out Club


Four opportunities for helping kids and families develop the character skills necessary to thrive in their lives, schools, community, and later in their careers.

Welcome to the Inside Out Club

Four opportunities for helping kids and families develop the character skills necessary to thrive in their lives, schools, community, and later in their careers.


Today’s youth face many risks and challenges – self-esteem, mental-health issues, bullying and more 

It’s never too early to start equipping your kids and family with character and community 

Winter Wine & Chocolate Event January 19th / 7-10pm

Since Inside Out Club Began in January 2014 

Families Attended Inside Out Club on the Weekends

Kids & Parents Attended Inside Out Club on the Weekends

Volunteer Hours Donated

Students Attended Inside Out Club in Schools

Inside Out Club Today


In Schools

29 schools with more than 1,400 kids


On Weekends

20 events a year serving families with kids ages 3-12


@Home (version 2.0 launching this fall)

online resource filled with books, videos and projects 


Through Community (coming to you this fall)

opportunities to practice your inside and out skills 

After my son’s first meeting, he told me they were doing ‘important things’ for the community. I think this was the first time he felt like he had a real impact on his community. His view of his world and the world in general grew three sizes that day!

2nd Grade Parent

I learned what it’s like to be someone else and how I can give back to the community.

I learned to help others because some people might not have things that other people have.

I learned to work together. [We] can change the world.

Inside Out Club Kids

I learned so much through these programs and really enjoyed sharing this experience with my son and the students. It’s amazing how I enjoyed the hour we had together each month.

Lead Volunteer, May Watts Elementary School

What makes the Inside Out Club unique is our Integrated Curriculum

Our curriculum combines social and emotional learning (SEL) with volunteerism. SEL helps people recognize and manage emotions, develop empathy for others, maintain cooperative relationships and make responsible decisions. The curriculum aims to 1) provide kids and families opportunities to develop and practice character skills, 2) broaden individuals’ perspective of the community through education on the social causes, and to 3) empower children and families to make their community better.

Character Skills – Practicing these 8 character skills translates into measurable positive outcomes.

Social Causes – Knowledge and understanding of key social issues increases a child’s sense of community and self.

Connection to Nonprofit Organizations – Children and parents believe they can create change and are empowered to help others.

Inside Out Club takes a comprehensive approach to helping develop kids with character by incorporating these three elements in all four Inside Out Club opportunities where everyone can participate.

Kids who practice these skills:


  • Proactively include others
  • Allow others to belong unconditionally
  • Value others for who they are


  • Listen and speak with others to contribute to group success
  • Actively support and inspire
  • Engage positively, patiently and productively with others


  • Demonstrate an active interest in learning
  • Are brave enough to ask questions
  • Are fearless innovators


  • Understand what it’s like to be in someone else’s shoes
  • Demonstrate compassion
  • Help others through service


  • Demonstrate a genuine appreciation for life’s gifts
  • Recognize and focus on the positives
  • Model gratitude to impact others


  • Put others’ needs before individual wants
  • Value sharing, selflessness, generosity and compassion
  • Care for themselves, others, animals and the environment


  • Show grit, resilience and determination when facing challenges or the unexpected
  • Have a growth mindset
  • Follow through on commitments with grace and integrity


  • Embrace their authentic selves
  • Demonstrate healthy coping skills with social and emotional maturity
  • Work to understand their biases, feelings and motivations to make good choices

Embracing Humanity

Connecting to people for who they are and recognizing how we are all the same.

Protecting Our Planet

Working to keep our planet safe and healthy for generations to come.

Meeting Basic Needs

Understanding needs (food, shelter, clean water, transportation and literacy) versus wants.

Developing Self-Awareness / Character

Building the skills necessary to be a good person and thrive.

Being Socially Responsible

Having a desire and sense of responsibility to care for others and the planet.

Supporting Troops & Veterans

Valuing those who serve our country.

Nonprofits Inside Out Club DuPage Highlights:

  • Bernie’s Book Bank
  • Blessings in a Backpack
  • Celebrate Differences
  • Clean Water Project
  • The Conservation Foundation
  • DuPage Pads
  • DuPage Senior Council – Meals on Wheels
  • DuPage United
  • Family Focus Aurora
  • DuPage Forest Preserve
  • Giant Steps School
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Honor Flight Chicago
  • Literacy DuPage
  • Loaves & Fishes CARES
  • Loaves & Fishes Community Services
  • Midwest Shelter for Homeless Veterans
  • NAMI DuPage
  • Naperville Area Humane Society
  • Operation Drive
  • Operation Support Our Troops
  • People’s Resource Center
  • Phil’s Friends
  • Ripple Kindness Project
  • Ronald McDonald Family Room
  • Special Olympics Illinois
  • Special Spaces
  • The GardenWorks Project
  • Trees that Feed Foundation
  • West Suburban Community Pantry
  • Willowbrook Wildlife Center
  • World Relief DuPage/Aurora

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