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Welcome to the Inside Out Club

Let’s improve kids’ lives with good character and volunteerism

 Today’s youth face many risks and challenges

It’s never too early to start equipping your kids with the character skills they need to problem solve, express empathy, cope with challenges in a positive way, think of new ideas, appreciate life’s gifts and so much more.  

We provide the tools kids need

Inside Out Club’s unique educational and volunteer opportunities combine social and emotional learning (SEL) with service learning to empower kids to care for others, themselves, animals and the planet starting as young as age three.

Inside Out Club Integrate Curriculum
Good character skills

Acceptance, collaboration, curiosity, kindness, empathy, gratitude, perseverance and self-awareness

Desire to understand and positively impact others

Being socially responsible, meeting basic needs, protecting the planet, developing character, embracing humanity, and supporting our troops and veterans.

Experience in supporting local nonprofits and those they serve

Our mission is to empower kids to live each day with good character. Our vision is that each child we serve gives back and makes a positive impact on the world around them.

Kids from 3,108 families have grown in character and volunteered through Inside Out Club

Projects created with love by Inside Out Club kids for children, individuals and families in need

Items collected by Inside Out Club kids, including more than 1,400 rolls of toilet paper donated to our local charity partners

Start living your life “Inside Out”

Live life with good character on the “inside” – show grit and resilience, allow others to belong unconditionally, embrace your authentic self, choose kindness … – and on the “outside” – care for yourself, others, animals and the planet.

What people are saying

My son really took the acceptance and inclusion session to heart. Clearly, all kids are curious about people who are different than they are, but I think the session really highlighted some extraordinary traits of people on the spectrum. He now views the ‘differences’ as gifts.

2nd-Grade Parent

I learned that a community gives clothes or food to people in need. And our club does give to community.

I learned that you should always help people that need help.

I learned that you should be kind to others, always share with others and respect others. 

Inside Out Club Kids

I learned so much through these programs and really enjoyed sharing this experience with my son and the students. It’s amazing how I enjoyed the hour we had together each month.

Lead Volunteer & Inside Out Club Parent

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Thank you for helping develop kids with character inside and out

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