About Us

I Support Community NFP d.b.a Inside Out Club DuPage is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and was founded in 2012. The mission of Inside Out Club DuPage is to develop kids with character inside and out. Its vision is individuals and families empowered through strength of character and volunteerism to live fuller lives for generations to come. Inside Out Club DuPage is based in Naperville, Illinois, and has one full-time employee, our Executive Director, and two part-time employees, our Project Coordinator and Community Development Manager. The Inside Out Club is run by volunteers, who are trained by Inside Out Club DuPage (IOCD). IOCD provides its volunteers with the program curriculum and supplies necessary to execute the program for maximum impact and fun! 

Our History

In September 2012, Marion B. Ruthig formed I Support Community (ISC) to educate community members on local charities through video stories and inspire them to get involved. Ruthig’s biggest driver for leaving her corporate job and founding ISC was her desire for children, including her own, to grow up with a strong foundation in character and community.

ISC started by filming charities’ stories and housing them on their website, thereby creating what Ruthig describes as a “Netflix of nonprofits,” a resource for education and inspiration that would empower others to get involved. In January of 2014, ISC added monthly events for children ages 3 to 12, called Kids Crew, to connect families to the incredible nonprofit stories and empower them to give back. The goal was for families to emotionally connect to the activity; and to build empathy, kindness, self-awareness and an increased perspective of their community. In March 2015, the Kids Crew concept was adapted into an afterschool Charity Club at Elmwood Elementary School. More than 60 permission slips came in for just 25 spots offered to K-2nd graders, an indicator that other parents wanted this type of education. By the next spring, the Charity Club was in 6 schools with more than 250 student participants. In late 2016, both programs were renamed to the Inside Out Club to better capture the club’s intent and focus of developing kids with character inside and out.

In the Summer of 2018, I Support Community rebranded to become Inside Out Club DuPage (IOCD).