Inside Out Club @Home

 Giving you free access to hundreds of books, videos and projects to build character and get involved in the community on your own time as a family or individually!

Why @Home?

Inside Out Club has a way to help you deal with these important questions: Did you know that the majority of a child’s character is developed before they are 10 years old and today’s youth are facing challenges like stress, anxiety, and depression younger than before? Do you want to arm your child with the tools needed to thrive in school, life, community and later in his or her career?

This is a great place to start.  @Home is an online database of books, videos and fun projects that offer you and your child additional opportunities to learn and practice the character skills necessary to handle any challenge that comes your way.  It creates vital connections between your child, your family and the community through volunteerism and knowledge on social issues.  And, you can complete them on your own schedule. 

How Does It Work?

Thank you to our @Home believers that have helped make this resource possible!

Do you believe in this resource’s ability to affect change in the lives of children, families and communities? If yes, email Marion B. Ruthig, Executive Director, at to learn how you can increase its power. 

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