Business Designers 4 Good Workshop


Helping your middle-schooler build the “soft skills” needed for life and their future careers as they design and present a business that will do good in the world!

Business Designers 4 Good Workshop





Helping your middle-schooler build the “soft skills” needed for life and their future careers!

Don’t let your middle-schooler miss out!


Questions? Email marion@insideoutclub.org

July 29 – August 2

M-F, 1-4:30 pm 

Naperville Public Library – 95th Street

3015 Cedar Glade Dr, Naperville, IL

Leader: Meg Dutkovich

Did you know that 93% of employers say “soft skills play a critical role in their decision about whom they want to hire,” – Ian Siegel, ZipRecruiter

This exciting, engaging and fun workshop is – 

Led by highly-qualified leaders in the fields of education, leadership, and/or business

Includes real-world interactions with experienced mentors who give their time to make this experience even better for your child

Exposes students to entrepreneurial, leadership, social responsibility and emotional intelligence concepts at a young age

Culminates in your student presenting, alongside their teammates, their business idea that will do good in the world

Proven to increase student’s communication, collaboration and presentation skills

Only $145-$275 for this effective 20-hour workshop (fee waivers available for anyone who needs it/fee amount depends on location type/grant support)

Great for all students at any level – no experience needed

You will be invited to see your student(s) pitch their business idea that can “do good” in the world and we guarantee you’ll be impressed!

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Jefferson Junior High School’s BD4G Presentation Day

Innovative curriculum introduces them to core concepts needed for their future success!

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Hear what Samie liked about the workshop

Hear Mr. Neubauer’s testimonial after leading this workshop

Mr. Brad Neubauer, Lead Business INCubator and Business Law teacher at Naperville Central High School

It was a meaningful and intimate way for our employees to engage with students, provide professional mentorship and coaching while also being inspired by the bright future ahead that these students will help create.” – Erica Holm, Community Affairs & Programs Manager at Molex

It was an honor to host the Inside Out Club’s Business Designers 4 Good workshop this summer.  Not only were we able to tangibly support the organization in our local community by hosting the workshop in our facility, but we were able to help empower young students to think innovatively on issues they wanted to help solve.  I would highly recommend other organizations and businesses in the community to come together and help fuel the entrepreneurial confidence that is built through Inside Out Club’s programs and events.

Erica Holm, Community Affairs, Program Manager at Molex

 Ensure that our youth are ready for what comes next by sponsoring Business Designers 4 Good 

Sponsorship ranges from $2,500 – $10,000

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Your donation ensures that this program continues to be offered at a price that is feasible for most and that fee waivers are offered for those in need

Cornerstone Curriculum Focused on the 4 Pillars:

Entrepreneurship, Social Responsibility, Emotional Intelligence & Leadership

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