Become a Character Champion & Impact Kids' Lives Every Month


You can TEACH, INSPIRE, EMPOWER & positively IMPACT thousands of kids and families! 

TEACH kids and families character skills through fun activities, books & service projects

INSPIRE youth to #LiveInsideOut (i.e. live with character and desire to help others)

EMPOWER children to thrive in their lives, schools and communities 

IMPACT the next generation and generations to come

So they can CREATE powerful ripples of acceptance, collaboration, curiosity, gratitude, perseverance, empathy, kindness and self-awareness that will positively impact the community and world around them!  


How much can you spare each month?

$5 - Coffee for yourself or kindness for kids?


$10 - Lunch out or teach acceptance to kids?


$25 - Impulse buy online or teach kids empathy?


Thank you to our monthly donors who…

Are passionate about helping our youth thrive in their lives, communities and later in their careers

Believe the Inside Out Club is a terrific way to impact kids and families through character building and community service activities

Are building a community that values living inside out

Have mastered #LiveInsideOut


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Zack & Beth Homrighaus

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