Thank you for being a lead volunteer! You Rock.

Below you’ll find resources to make your volunteer job a little easier.

Volunteer Tutorial Videos

Below you’ll find tutorial videos to help you.

Online Permission Slip Process –

Google Form/Sheet work permission slip process

Downloading Videos –

Download and use curriculum videos off-line

Curriculum Videos

Below you’ll find the videos we use in the curriculum.

Appreciating Water –

Sierra Leone

Caring for Animals 

Caring for the Sick 

Celebrating Neurodiversity –

All My Stripes

Celebrating Neurodiversity – Bluebee T.V.

Celebrating Neurodiversity – Experience Autism

Childhood Hunger – Nunez Family Testimonial

Hunger in Our Community – Reading of Stone Soup

Needs vs Wants – Thousand Star Hotel Book Audio

Needs vs Wants – 

 I am Your Neighbor


Overcoming Food Insecurity – GardenWorks Programs

Overcoming Food Insecurity – Learn about Composting

Power of Character – Kid President on Leadership

Power of Character – The Lemonade Ripple,…

Transportation Access – Run Commuting Video

Welcome to Your New Home

Welcome to Your New Home

Welcome to Your New Home

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