1.  Social Confidence

2.  Teamwork

3.  Problem Solving

4.  Time Management

5.  Budgeting

6.  Goal Setting

7.  Public Speaking

8.  Communication Etiquette

9.  Social Responsibility

10.  Networking

In a Linked-In survey of 5,000 talent professionals in 35 countries 80% said soft skills are increasingly important

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Who: Rising sophomores through recent grads from high school

Location – Naperville Central High School, IncubatorEd Classroom

Dates & Times – M/W, 1-3:30pm, July 8, 10, 15, 17, 22, 24, 29, 31) + Event 5-9pm at Meson Sabika

Cost: $275 (fee waivers are available for any family unable to afford the fee)

Event Tickets: Participant event tickets are covered in their program fee. Parents & guardians will be invited and will receive a link to register. Fee waivers are available for these tickets as well.

Fee Waivers: Fees waived are covered by the Inside Out Club All in Fund. Participants will not know how many or who received waivers. 

    You’ll plan & host an Inside Out Club SkillsBox10 event for 50+ people on July 29 at Meson Sabika. Event showcase will include: 

    Dinner and Dessert

    A program presentation (what you learned, why it’s important, etc.) 

    Time to highlight/honor a nonprofit with a minimum donation of $250 (raised by YOU through this event)

    Networking time over dinner

    Greeters, gratitude and overall welcoming atmosphere

    Workshop highlights include

    Feeling confident after you successfully plan and host an amazing event

    Communicating with professional vendors

    Working with experienced mentors from the community

    Taking part in an etiquette lesson

    Learning and practicing effective communications and relationship building

    Managing a budget

    Researching and selecting a nonprofit to honor at the event

    Collaborating with others in your sub-committee (marketing, operations and programming)

    Regardless of your plans upon graduation from high school, you’ll need these soft skills for your job, career and life!

    Workshop leader

    Janet Sommerville has 24+ years of teaching experience and spent 11 years as Project Manager for Learning Service at Naperville School District 203 before retiring in 2023. 



    Please email Marion Ruthig at marion@insideoutclub.org with questions.