Did you miss Inside Out Club on Spring Break?

No, worries. You can still participate!

We had so much fun over Spring Break reading stories, hanging out in forts and so much more! Missed it? No, worries. You can watch the daily video and participate in the activities whenever you want using the information below. Be sure to post photos of your projects to our Facebook page. Have fun!! 

Spring Break 2020

Monday Focus


character development  


The Luckiest Kid by Amy Sandison

Worksheets for The Luckiest Kid

The Hippo-Not-Amus, by Tony and Jan Payne

Discussion Questions

What did you learn from the two stories today?

What did Ms. Marion use for her worries? 

Monday Project

Additional Project

Today, Ms. Marion showed her worry pal. Make one of your own to use or donate. Click HERE.

Tuesday Focus




Discussion Questions

What are you super hero powers? 

How can we work together to help others?

Can you use curiosity to figure out ways to help?

Tuesday Project

Thank You Cards for First Responders

Click HERE to download a template. Once you’ve made your card, email it to Ms. Marion at marion@insideoutclub.org and she’ll post it.

Wednesday Focus


being socially responsible


Giraffes Can’t Dance, by Giles Andreae

Animals should definitely not wear clothing, by Judi Barrett

Looking for a Moose, by Phyllis Root

Discussion Questions

Who is responsible for caring animals in need? 

What does acceptance mean?

Wednesday Project

Thursday Focus




Leo the Lightning Bug by Eric Drachman

My Friend Rabbit by Eric Rohmann

Discussion Questions

How did Leo demonstrate perseverance? At the end of the book, did the teasing still bother him? Why?

How can we use empathy in sports?

Thursday Project

Special Olympics

Learn more about Special Olympics, Illinois by clicking here.

Friday Focus




Have You Filled a Bucket Today by Carrol McCloud

Kindness Starts with You by Jacquelyn Stagg  

Discussion Questions

How can you show kindness to yourself, family and the community? 

I talked about two “buckets” today. What were they? 

Can you fill a bucket by dipping from someone else? How does being kind to someone else fill two buckets. 

Friday Project

Make a Gratitude Bucket

Place a jar or small bucket in your bedroom with a stack of small slips of paper nearby. Each night, as part of your bedtime routine, write something you were grateful for during the day on the paper with the date. When you’re worried, sad or frustrated take a slip out to experience joy from that memmory.