Inside Out Club for K-5th Graders

The majority of a child’s character is developed before age 10

Our Inside Out Club program for K-5th graders teaches critical character skills through fun activities that educate kids on local nonprofits and the social issues they address, and gives kids opportunities to take action through our volunteer projects.

At Inside Out Club, we teach eight key character skills (“inside”) through volunteerism and community engagement (“out”)


  • Proactively include others
  • Allow others to belong unconditionally
  • Value others for who they are


  • Listen, speak and support others to contribute to group success
  • Engage positively, patiently and productively with others


  • Demonstrate an active interest in learning
  • Are brave enough to ask questions
  • Are fearless innovators



  • Understand what it’s like to be in someone else’s shoes
  • Demonstrate compassion
  • Help others through service


    • Demonstrate a genuine appreciation for life’s gifts
    • Recognize and focus on the positives
    • Model gratitude to impact others


    • Put others’ needs before individual wants
    • Value sharing, selflessness, generosity and compassion
    • Care for themselves, others, animals and the environment


    • Show grit, resilience and determination when facing challenges or the unexpected
    • Have a growth mindset
    • Follow through on commitments with grace and integrity



    • Embrace their authentic selves
    • Demonstrate healthy coping skills with social and emotional maturity
    • Work to understand their biases, feelings and motivations to make good choices

    Being Socially Responsible

    • Having a desire and sense of responsibility to care for others and the planet

    Protecting Our Planet

    • Working to keep our planet safe and healthy for generations to come

    Meeting Basic Needs

    • Understanding needs (food, shelter, clean water, transportation and literacy) versus wants

    Developing Self-Awareness & Character

    • Building the skills necessary to be a good person and thrive

    Embracing Humanity

    • Connecting to people for who they are and recognizing how we are all the same

    Supporting Troops & Veterans

    • Valuing those who serve our country

    How K-5th graders can participate