Thank you for your enthusiasm and leadership! We could not do it without you.

To be sure Inside Out Club is an organization kids want to participate in and where adults want to volunteer, we’d really appreciate your feedback. 

Leader Survey: Inside Out Club Series

1. How many kids were in your Inside Out Club this series?
2. Keeping in mind the size of your group, how many trained leaders do you think would be ideal?
3. Keeping in mind the size of your group, how many support volunteers do you think would be ideal each week? This is in addition to the leader(s).

8. Please rate your experience as a volunteer leader:

Communication from Inside Out Club
Curriculum and teaching tools
Supplies and project details
Overall volunteer experience
10. Would you like to continue volunteering as a leader with Inside Out Club? Our next series will begin the week of April 10 with a new set of lessons.

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