Take a look at how Inside Out Club kids made an impact globally & worked on building a sense of social responsibility.

Helping Globally was the name of one of our spring Inside Out Club lessons, and it taught the students curiosity and empathy through fun activities featuring the Trees That Feed Foundation (TTFF). The kids learned about how they provide food, jobs, education and help the environment all through fruit trees.

The three fun activities were called:

Where and How They Help

Children found the 10 countries where the TTFF provides help through their programs. Then they chatted about how trees help the environment and ways we can help our environment here at home, including planting a tree and composting.


At this station the children enjoyed learning the three ways the TTFF provides education:

  1. They teach people how to plant trees, care for them and harvest the fruits.
  2. They show them how to grind dried breadfruit into flour to make cookies and other items to sell at the market.
  3. They created the Plant a Tree and Good Things Happen coloring book to educate children in the U.S. and in the countries they do their work on the power of trees! When someone buys a coloring book in the United States, TTFF donates a book and colored pencils to a child in one of the countries they work in. Isn’t that so cool?!

Inside Out Club kids from 18 school programs brought in over 220 boxes of colored pencils to accompany coloring books to Haiti!

Haitian kids using pencil donations TTFF

The co-founder of TTFF shared that they -“have a great need for colored pencils. This is very timely and we greatly appreciate it. We will send them all to Haiti in early May.”

We’ve asked her to send us a photo of them in use and will post it to our Facebook page. If you haven’t done so already, like our page so you are kept up to date. This photo is of a group of students in Haiti using pencils the last time the Inside Out Club donated last year.

Inside Out Club students demonstrated curiosity as they learned about fruits that come from trees that they may have never seen before.  In this photo, students at Scott Elementary School are getting to see a starfruit, mango, apple and more.

IOC Kids Helping Globally TTFF

The fruit that the TTFF uses most is called a breadfruit. Most of the Inside Out Club children had never head of this fruit, which is unique, as it can be dried and ground into flour for baked goods or cereal.

Inside Out Club kids also practiced empathy as they imagined what it’d be like to be a child living in one of the countries they found on the map.

Trees Feed People

Do you know how to open a pomegranate under water? Ask your son or daughter, because they learned about it at this station that focused on how fruits feed people.

To wrap up the lesson, the students made a tree with leaves that talked about all they learned.

Thank you Inside Out Club kids for caring locally and globally!! 

IOC Helping Globally TTFF Impact Tree