Have you ever had your child ignore your advice or even eye-roll when you suggest something, but when the exact same idea is suggested by a peer or slightly older child it’s the best thing since sliced bread? The fact is that kids love to learn from other kids!

So, why not kick off the school year by sharing acts of kindness by kids with your own kids? You can empower them to do the same! Below are two kids that have been featured in recent news for their acts of kindness: a six-year-old boy who asked his Mom for a custom shirt to wear the first day of school and a young boy that gave the fly ball at a baseball game to another child.

Take a moment to share these with the children in your life, pointing out how these kids came up with the ideas on their own. Challenge your children, and yourself, to think about how we can all make a difference with a simple act of kindness.

(Click the images to watch the videos)


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