The results are in!

Hundreds of kind acts were started this summer through Inside Out Club’s First Annual 15K-indness Challenge. Created to inspire kids and families in a world that is right now uncertain, ever-changing and stressful for so many, this challenge had kids as young as age three counting kind acts instead of kilometers.

15 Days – 36 Families – 76 Kids – 400+ Kind Acts

The challenge started with flamingo visits – yes, you read that correctly! Our Executive Director, Marion Ruthig, delivered supplies to families while dressed in a flamingo costume, and the fun environment continued at our online kickoff party. We talked together about how kindness can be to others, to ourselves, to animals, and to our community, and our very first activity was a star-shaped “Kindness STARts with you” reminder to hang up at home. To continue the challenge on their own, kids were equipped with kindness postcards, a kindness tracker and countless ideas for kind acts from the Ripple Kindness Project.

Over the next couple of weeks, we heard from parents with photos and comments of the kind acts their children were doing – washing their parents’ cars, sending postcards, sharing with siblings, collecting items to donate to Loaves & Fishes Community Services, helping cook dinner and more! Click here to see all of the photos and kind acts submitted.

One parent wrote –

“One thing she [Karesha, age 10] did mention about the 15K-indness Challenge was how it made her feel happy making others happy! We talked about how a simple smile or a ‘Hi’ can brighten someone’s day! She says she will continue doing small little things, and will always remember that kindness starts with your own self.”

We are so proud of these kids and their families for completing so many kind acts that will ripple throughout our community. As some of the kids shared with us, “kindness looks like a hug” and “sharing and caring – that rhymes!”


We challenge you to remember these words and be inspired to spread kindness hugs, sharing and caring today and every day!

Sign up for the 2021 15K-indness Challenge HERE!!