This year, World Kindness Day falls on Friday, November 13th.  What better way to ward off the negativity that is often associated with Friday the 13th than by showering the world with a little kindness?  As you and your family get ready to celebrate, here are some things to consider:

Volunteer as a Family

Have a family meeting to discuss what local organizations could use your time and talents.  Is your family in love with animals?  Ask your local humane shelter what they might need.  Do you like to spend time outside?  See if there is a community clean-up opportunity available in your area.  Check out some of the great organizations that are partners of Inside Out Club (IOC) to see if you can support their missions or attend one of IOC’s family volunteer opportunities offered 20 times a year on the weekends.

Make a List of Random Acts of Kindness

We love seeing people of all ages doing random acts of kindness in their communities.  Make a list of things you and your family can do to spread a little kindness to your neighbors on November 13th.  If you need some ideas, check out this list for safe things you can do while you maintain a safe social distance from others.

Bring Kindness to the Dinner Table

You don’t even have to leave the dinner table to spread kindness to others.  Make plans now to have a “gratitude dinner” on November 13th.  Have the kids make place cards by writing something kind about each person, let everyone choose to make their favorite dish, and focus dinner conversation on stories of when we were kind to others or when others have shown kindness to us.

Create a Kindness Library

Have kids choose books or videos that focus on kindness.  You will find a great list of resources at Inside Out Club @Home, an online database of books, videos and fun projects that offer you and your child additional opportunities to learn and practice character skills necessary to handle any challenge that comes your way.

Make a Donation

As a family, choose one organization where you can make a donation.  This can be a donation of money (have kids save their change!), clothing (great time of year for donating coats and hats), or even gently-used toys (perfect pre-Christmas activity).  Once you decide what you will donate, make plans to drop off items on November 13th.

Make World Kindness Day the beginning of a daily practice of doing good all year long. We would love to hear how you and your family plan to spread kindness to others.

By Patti Minglin, Go Girl Communications

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