We need more of this in the world –

The Inside Out Club learned about hunger in the community this October. During this lesson students assemble coloring gift bags by placing crayons, a mini coloring book and stickers into a mess drawstring bag. They then attach a note to the bag that says “From your friend __________” with their name written on the line. It’s a gift from one kid to another. This month, their friend Kaitlyn did something that will warm your heart.

Here’s how the lead volunteer described it:

“I walked around collecting the assembled bags, I noticed Kaitlyn (a first grade student in the program) was peeking into the iSupport Community tote bag I was placing them into, so I asked if she needed another pen or supplies. She replied by saying something like, “No, I just want to make sure it doesn’t get smushed for the kids.” When I looked into the bag, I saw a bag with an apple, stickers, and a coloring book inside. I asked her if she put the apple in the bag, and she said yes and that it was her snack for the club meeting, but she would be okay without a snack so that another kid from the food pantry could have it. My heart melted. I was so taken back by the genuine generosity beaming out of her. I could not even believe that such a young child was so willing to give back and that it was instantaneous. It really shows that small things can add up to make a big difference. I think her act of kindness is something everyone can learn from, especially with the holiday season approaching. It is so important for children to realize the importance of being thankful for what they have and giving to those who are in need.” – Dominique George

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